How to change the course ID in our KMC to be the course name

Usually, the KAF configuration uses the "ltiContextIdAttribute" LTI attribute to create the KMC channel and uses the 'context_id' value in order to name the channel in the KMC. KAF utilizes three different LTI attributes in order to pass certain information between systems - "context_title", "context_label", and "context_id". As can be seen from the names, each attribute represents a different piece of information related to the course (title, label, and ID). For more information, see Understanding the Kaltura Application Framework (KAF).

To change the LTI attribute

  1. Go to your KAF admin page
  2. Navigate to the Hosted module.
  3. Change  "ltiContextIdAttribute" from context_id into context_title.
  4. Click Save.

Changing this attribute will make the Course Galleries empty since it will create a new KMC channel with the new course name. In order to resolve this, you may add the newly created channel as a category for all videos that have the old channel name for the same course.

How to do this as a batch process in the KMC

  1. Log into your KMC
  2. Go to Content > Entries
  3. Use the Filter Categories and filter by a course name - Select Moodle Root Category > site > channels > select a course (check only one course name) > now all entries of the Course Gallery should appear.
  4. Check all entries
  5. Click on Bulk Actions > Add/Remove Categories > Add to Categories > Select the path to the ID-based course channel.
  6. Apply
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