Kaltura Lecture Capture User Guide

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You have successfully installed Kaltura Classroom and are now ready to start recording.

Kaltura Lecture Capture supports both ad hoc recordings and scheduled recordings.

To begin, see Getting started with Kaltura Lecture Capture.

Recording with Kaltura Lecture Capture

To start recording with Kaltura Lecture Capture, simply click the red button, or configure your settings before you begin.

Configuring Recording Inputs

You can record your camera, audio and screen or a combination of them. The application automatically selects the optimal settings for you but you can update the in the settings tab.

All configuration settings are saved for the following recordings.


Recordings can be scheduled and start automatically, allowing a hands-free experience in the classroom.

Scheduled recordings start automatically without need for user intervention, however, you can still pause/resume or stop your recording manually if needed.

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