Introduction to Kaltura Lecture Capture

Introduction to Kaltura Lecture Capture

Kaltura Lecture Capture enables you to create high quality recordings in every classroom.

With Kaltura Lecture Capture you can manage your schedule and create an automated hands-free experience for your faculty. Kaltura's robust platform allows you to set where the content will be shared to, whether in your LMS or your video portal. 

The user-centric design allows a simple, easy to use workflow for professors and teaching assistants. The background upload ensures content will be available within the Kaltura platform with an engaging interactive viewing experience with Kaltura's dual stream player.

Kaltura Lecture Capture includes:

  • HD recording of screen and camera
  • Live streaming of the primary input (either screen or camera)
  • Support for software management install
  • Automated recording schedule
  • Ad-hoc recordings
  • Recording and uploading PowerPoint slides
  • Background upload
  • Automated publishing to KMS and KAF
  • Intuitive user interface
    And much more.

Lecture Capture Workflow

Kaltura Lecture Capture Documentation Guides

Kaltura's Lecture Capture installation, procedures, features and tips are described in the following guides:

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