Lecture Capture Essentials & Admin Agenda


This session is intended for admins and will cover Lecture Capture Essentials and Admin settings. 

Upon completion of this learning session, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand best practices using the Kaltura Classroom Capture application. 
  • Configure your screen, audio and camera settings.
  • Create an ad-hoc recording 
  • Edit your recording in KMS/KAF timeline.
  • Create and manage a scheduled recording via KMS/KAF. 
  • View and control your Kaltura classroom schedule.  
  • Understand how to use the Monitoring Dashboard.
  • How to configure Classroom Capture locally.




Greeting/ Introduction 

Classroom Capture 

  • Introduction to Classroom Capture overview, how to use and what is its purpose? 

Classroom Application Installation 

  • Overview and Architecture 

  • Overview on how to install and set up your classroom application. 

Classroom Capture Module 

  • Learn how to enable your Classroom module for your KMS/KAF instance. 

Creating and managing your Classroom application 

  • Learn how your end users can use the application. 
  • Acquire configuration and management tips for your application. 

Launch Your Application

  • Home Page
  • Calendar
  • Information 
  • Gear 
  • Top Navigation Bar 
  • Primary/ Secondary video 
  • Setting up your inputs 

  •  Overview of the Classroom application. 

Ad- Hoc Recording 

  • View Recording 
  • Edit Recording 
  • Publish 

  • Learn how to record, view, edit and publish your content. 

Schedule Your Recoding 

  • My Schedule 

Create an Event 

  • Event Tittle 
  • Event Organizer 
  • Time 
  • Recurrence 
  • Description & Tags

  • Learn how to enable and create schedule recordings. 

Admin Local Folders 

  • Classroom Directory
  • Capture Application
  • Recordings 
  • Logs 
  • Settings 
  • Uploader Service 

  • Overview of your admin local folder. 

Getting Help / Questions 

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