Kaltura Lecture Capture Administrator's Guide

Kaltura Lecture Capture can be easily deployed by Admins either manually or through a software management solution.

Kaltura Lecture Capture offers different setup options that Admins can deploy according to their organization use cases such as:

  • Set it up for automated scheduling
  • Configure the settings for the application


Admins can install Kaltura Classroom manually. See Installing Kaltura Classroom.

Campus wide installation is possible using a software management solution. See Deploying Kaltura Classroom for Your Organization.

Supported Systems and Hardware

Kaltura Classroom supports off the shelf hardware: See Minimum Software and Hardware Requirements for Recording.

Kaltura supports a variety of capture cards and USB cameras. The list of capture cards provided in Recommended Capture Cards have been tested successfully in our labs. Other cards may work with Kaltura Classroom however we recommend that you use the cards that have been tested.


Kaltura Classroom can be configured according to your requirements. Kaltura Lecture Capture Settings include the list of configurable settings you can edit according to your use case. These settings can be edited through the config files during installation.


The Monitoring dashboard enables admins to view the status of their campus wide deployment of Kaltura Lecture Capture. Admins may be in charge of managing hundreds of classrooms and the Monitoring dashboard provides a simple way to view the status of each recording and identify any issues that may arise. 

Configuring Automated Scheduled Recording with Kaltura Classroom

With Kaltura Classroom you can schedule recordings in advance and create an automated hands-free workflow using the Kaltura Recsheduling module that is available in KMS and KAF applications.


Kaltura Classroom does not automatically upgrade and allows you to control when to upgrade your environment. There is no need to uninstall, simply run the latest version MSI.


If you would like to view the logs or the local recording, you can see a directory of the files and folders created with the application, and learn where to find the logs and local recordings.

See Kaltura Lecture Capture Folder Directory for more information.

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