Scheduled Recordings - Conflict Management

There are two types of recordings: ad hoc (manual) and scheduled. The Kaltura Classroom Application does not allow for scheduling conflicting recording events. An error message is displayed when and if you try to so.

Ad Hoc (Manual) Recording

You cannot start recording a manual event if a scheduled recording is in progress. If you start a recording manually (ad hoc), and there is a scheduled recording coming up, your manual recording will be stopped and the scheduled recording will begin. You will be notified 10 minutes before the scheduled recording is to begin. If you do not react to the notification, the manual recording will be saved with all its metadata (information), up until the scheduled recording time began.

Scheduled Recording

If there is a scheduled event planned and you try to schedule an overlapping event on the same resource, the system will not allow you to create the event. If you have a scheduled event happening – you cannot navigate to the Schedule tab. You cannot change the camera, screen or audio settings. You can pause, stop, or cancel the predefined recording.

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