Deploying Kaltura Lecture Capture for your Organization

Kaltura Lecture Capture supports software management systems that help administrators manage large groups of Windows-based computer systems such as SCCM. Admins can easily deploy Kaltura Lecture Capture across the organization as part of system images and configure the application once.

Command Line

See the following URL to view the command line options for deploying Kaltura Classroom for your organization:

Selecting Features

Enter the following command to add the uploader (Upload Service) and the app (Capture Application): 

add ADDLOCAL="CaptureAppFeature,UploadServiceFeature,LaunchOnLoginFeature,AuthenticationFeature"

remove REMOVE="CaptureAppFeature,UploadServiceFeature,LaunchOnLoginFeature,AuthenticationFeature"

Enter the following command to add the uploader only:

add ADDLOCAL=UploadServiceFeature

Enter the following command to add the app only:

add ADDLOCAL=CaptureAppFeature

Available Kaltura Specific Properties

  • KALTURA_RECORDINGS_DIR - Location of the recording files, there is a default, no need to set this. If changed from default - the folder needs to be available to all users to write and read. This is a mandatory parameter when not using the UI.
  • KALTURA_LOGS_DIR - Location of the log fils, there is a default, no need set this. 
  • KALTURA_URL - Default - Please do not change.
  • KALTURA_APPTOKEN - Please enter your provided app token.
  • KALTURA_APPTOKEN_ID - Please enter your provided app token ID.
  • KALTURA_PARTNER_ID - Please enter your Partner ID.
  • KALTURA_DEFAULT_USER_ID - Please enter the default user ID to be used for recordings with no user ID set..
  • INSTALLDESKTOPSHORTCUT - 1 yes 0 no, default is set to yes
  • INSTALLPROGRAMSSHORTCUT - 1 yes 0 no, default is set to yes
  • INSTALLDIR - Location of the installation path - default available
  • KALTURA_AUTH_URL - Authentication URL for Classroom login flow feature
  • KALTURA_AUTHENTICATION_MODE - 1 yes 0 no, default is set to no


This following is an example of how to install with UI prompt and save installation logs into the example.log.

 .msiexec /i KalturaClassroom_0.0.1.msi /L*V "example.log"  

The following example shows how to install without UI prompt (You will need elevated administator rights):

. msiexec /i KalturaClassroom_0.0.1.msi /L*V "example.log"   /qn

KalturaClassroom_0.0.1.msi /L*V "example.log"   /qn KALTURA_RECORDINGS_DIR="z:\lectures\"  ADDLOCAL=CaptureAppFeature

Since the msi installs services and application for all users you need to run the msi in administrator and elevated privileges 

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