Kaltura REACH v2

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Introduction to Kaltura REACH

Kaltura REACH is the Kaltura service for providing enrichment services. Kaltura REACH supports captioning, transcription and translation services, in-video and cross-library search and discovery, deep-linking capabilities, and metadata and keyword extraction.

With Kaltura REACH, organizations can access global audiences, comply with government regulations and industry standards, and capture accurate data.

Kaltura REACH includes a full end to end process for caption ordering and return.

REACH provides you with the following abilities:

  • You can request captions/translations through Kaltura via the KMC or KMS/KAF application.
  • Captions can be requested manually requested or automatically
  • You can moderate caption requests.
  • All completed caption requests are automatically returned to your KMS/KAF or KMC and are seamlessly integrated.
  • Editing Captions
  • Transcript widget - to follow captions in video, search in video, download/print transcript
  • Reports – usage dashboard and billing reports 

    and much more.

Kaltura REACH Documentation Guides

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