Editing Captions - REACH v2

There are two ways to access the Captions Editor from the media page:

  • Actions menu - Select Caption & Enrich.
  • Actions menu - Select Edit. 

These options may be available only when your admin has configured the Captions Editor button on your account.

Shortcuts are available to edit captions. See Keyboard Shortcuts.

The following caption file types may be edited: SRT, DFXP, and WebVTT.

Access Editor Through the Actions Menu - Select Caption & Enrich

To access the Captions Editor through the Actions menu Caption & Enrich option

  1. Go to My Media and select a media entry with captions.
  2. Select Caption & Enrich from the Actions drop-down menu.

    The Captions Request table is displayed with all existing caption requests.

    The Edit icon is displayed for all captions that are Completed.
  3. Click on the Edit icon to open the Editor. The Editor is displayed.

Access Editor Through the Actions Menu - Select Edit

To access the Captions Editor through the Actions menu Edit option

  1. Go to My Media and select a media entry with captions.
  2. Select Edit from the Actions drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Captions tab and then click Edit Captions. This button is displayed only when configured by your admin.

    The Editor is displayed.

Editor Options

The following options are available:

Change Caption File 

 If there is more than one caption file for the entry, select a different caption file from the Captions drop-down menu.

Edit the Timestamp of Each Line

Click on the timestamp in the editor and modify the time. If there is overlapping time, the system highlights the overlapping time.


Enter a search term. The results are highlighted in each caption line.

Search and Replace Text

Enter the search term, enter the replacement term and click Replace.

Add Speaker ID 

Select rows and add the speaker ID in the Add Speaker to selected items.

The speaker ID is added in [] at the beginning of each line. In this example, Ron was added as the speaker for the selected lines.

Auto-Scroll Text 

Check Auto-scroll to auto-scroll the text when playing the media. 

When playing the player - the current line is highlighted in the captions file.

Find Frame for Text 

When clicking on a caption line the player jumps to the correct frame for the selected text.

Fast Forward Seek Backward

Add a Caption Line 

Hover over the caption line to display editing options.

  • Plus Sign
  • Trash icon - Click to remove the caption line

To add a caption line

  1. Click the Plus sign to add a new caption line. The line is duplicated and may be edited.
  2. Click the line you want to modify.  You can modify the original line or the copy.
  3. Change the caption text. When you modify the text, a countdown appears to indicate the number of characters you have left.

  4. Be certain to modify the time so that there is no overlap.
The amount of characters permitted is set by your KMS Admin in the Captions module.

Revert Changes  

Reverts to the last saved changes


Saves the modified caption file.

The Revert & Save button is enabled only when modifying the captions file.

The Replace button is enabled only if the user modifies a value.

The transcript widget captions are replaced once the user chooses different captions.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Player seek 5S backwards = Ctrl <-
  • Player seek 2S backwards = <-
  • Player seek to 0 = Home and in Mac Command <-
  • Player pause-play toggle = space 
  • Player seek 5S forward = Ctrl ->
  • Player seek 2S forward = ->
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