Reach Profiles and Services

This article describes the Reach Profiles and Services settings.

  • The account's REACH profiles are displayed. Clients can edit parameters, and automatic rules. The credit is view only and not editable.
  • Clients can view the services on their account and view the cost per service. The current services available are for captions and translations, Additional services are intended to be added in the next releases.

To access the REACH Profiles and Services Page

  1. Login to the KMC.
  2. Select the Settings icon and then select the REACH tab.

Profiles Section

The Profiles section lists the REACH profile attributes as follows:

  • Name
  • ID
  • Created on
  • Allocated Credit 
  • Remaining Credit
  • Credit Expiration Data

Profile Details Page

To access the Profile's Details page

  • Click on the Profile Name or select Edit from the Actions ( 3 dots) menu.
  • The page includes 5 tabs.  the ID, Creation Date, Remaining Credit and the Credit Expiration Date are displayed for each tab.
Settings Tab

The following information is displayed:

  • Name: 
  • Moderation on Machine Requests
  • Moderation on Professional Requests: 
  • Content Deletion Policy
  • Task Processing Region
Service Parameters Tab

The following information is displayed:

  • Default Caption Format - Select the caption output format that you require: Select SRT or DFXP.
  • Max Characters Per Caption Line - Select how many characters per line. 26 characters is the default. Recommended 32 characters.
  • Auto Display Machine Captions On Player - Select whether to show machine captions while playing the video If there are hidden captions, the Captions will render for the in-video-search but not visible on the player.  
  • Auto Display Human Captions On Player - Select whether to show human captions.  If there are  hidden Captions,the Captions will render for the  in-video-search but not visible on the player.  
  • Metadata Extraction - Select whether you want to enable metadata extraction.  Key words will be automatically added as tags to the media for search purposes.  
  • Speaker Change Indication - Select whether you want to enable Speaker change indication (The ID change will be designated by:  >>).  
  • Captions Audio Tags - Select whether you want to enable audio tags e.g. [Music]
  • Captions Profanity Removal - Select whether you want to enable profanity removal.
Credit Tab

The Credit tab details are not editable  Contact your Kaltura representative to for credit information.

The following information is displayed

  • Credit type
  • Credit amount 
  • Remaining Credit 
  • Allowed Overage 
  • From Date:
  • Credit Expiration Date
  • Frequency 
Dictionary Tab

The Dictionary tab contains a list of the dictionaries.

  • Dictionary Language, Data
  • Activities - Edit dictionary, Add new dictionary. 
  • Edit dictionary - will open the dictionary: dictionary language + dictionary words (the words are separated by line breaks)

When saving the dictionary - save the words with line breaks.

Automatic Rules Tab

Services Section

The Services Settings displays the REACH services available for Captions and Translations for the account. The services are grouped according to the service and features.

To access the Services page

  • Click on the Profile Name.
    The following information is displayed:
    • ID, Service 
    • Turn Around Time, 
    • Source language, 
    • Speaker ID 
    • Cost per minute.
Services Page for Captions

Services Page for Translations

You can filter the display by using the Refine option.

You can refine the data according to the Language, Service or Turn Around Time.

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