Machine Translation

Machine Translation (MT) is automated translation. It is the process by which computer software is used to translate text from one natural language to another.

Kaltura REACH v2 uses Machine Translation and enables fast translation results with a Turn Around Time (TAT) which is less than the media length. The translation's file accuracy is around 85%. The captions' file may be edited after the translation is completed to increase the accuracy.

Requesting and Ordering Machine Translation Service in KMC/KMS/KAF

To request and order Machine Translation

  1. Select Machine from the Service drop down menu.
  2. Select  English from the Source Media Language. (Currently only English is the supported source language.
  3. Select Translation as the Feature.
  4. Select Target Translation Languages  - You may select multiple languages. Each language is considered as a separate translation request.

Submitting a Request

To submit a captions request

If you have a human captions file (SRT type, with 99% accuracy and above), you are able to Submit the request.

If you DO NOT have a human captions file (SRT type, with 99% accuracy and above):

You can order human captions for this media. When completed, submit the request for Machine Translations,
or  You can upload the source language captions file manually, during the Machine Translation request (see steps below) and then submit the Machine Translation job request.

Upload Captions File Manually

 When there is no high-quality (>99% accuracy) captions file available in the entry, you have the ability to upload a captions file manually.

To upload a captions file manually

  1. Click "Upload Captions File".

  2. Browse and upload the file. You can set a different label for the file.

  3. Click Save. The Save button is enabled only after uploading the relevant captions file. 

The system cannot check the accuracy of the selected file, and therefore assumes it is 100%.

After the file saved, the Submit button is enabled, and you are able to submit machine translation request.

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