REACH & Accessibility


This session is intended for admins and will guide you through Kaltura’s Captions & Enrichment Services as well as the accessibility features. 

Key Takeaways   

  • Understand how to configure your Kaltura REACH module settings. 
  • How to easily manage, control and track your captioning & enrichment services across all applications.
  • Customize and automate processes including ordering rules, moderation flows, and granular permissions across services and departments. 
  • Manage, track, and analyze usage and spend from a centralized dashboard, and use the reports to refine and optimize.
  • See how you can increase accessibility, discoverability, and compliance to make your videos more searchable, powerful, and effective.




Greeting/ Introduction 

Kaltura REACH 

Introduction to Kaltura’s Captions & Enrichment Services including transcription, translation, and closed captioning capabilities.

Explore the applications accessibility & discovery capabilities 

  • E Search 
  • Caption files
  • Chapters & Slides
  • Metadata
  • Tags
  • Interactive Transcript Widget 

Captions  & Enrich

Order captions 

  • Per entry
  • In bulk
  • Language
  • Machine / Professional service.
  • TAT 
  • Features can be Captions/Translation/AudioDescprion/Chapterring, etc.

Service Dashboard

  • Monitor your credit balance and service requests.

Edit Captions

  • Learn how to edit captions files as well as the transcription for each video and language.

Service Ordering rules per channel

Set a custom service rule for your Mediaspace channel or the course Media Galley on your LMS.   

Explore the admin page settings 

  • REACH module 
  • Language settings
  • Accessibility features

KMC (for admins)

  • Service Dashboard
  • Request captions / edit per entry
  • Request captions in bulk (only  for videos)
  • Request captions/edit per channel

Getting Help / Questions 

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