Ongoing Accessibility Updates

This article provides an updated report of accessibility changes and enhancements for the Kaltura applications. Links to the relevant version release notes are included.

July 27, 2020 Update

KMS Version 5.100.07 - July 27, 2020

KMS-21342[Accessibility] Action items in the gallery/channel's collapsed view are now associated with video title to allow SR support.KMS/KAF
KMS-21275[Accessibility] The search icon is not a button, and should not be tab-ableKMS/KAF
KMS-21272[Accessibility] The search 'Filters' button should indicate statusKMS/KAF
KMS-21274[Accessibility] View selection is a list, but behaves as buttonsKMS/KAF

KMS Version 5.99.102 - July 5, 2020

PSVAMB-14614[Accessibility] Added contrast to the missing Home Playlists text.KMS

KMS Version 5.99.85 - June 21, 2020

KMS-20846[Accessibility] The new Webcast color contrast is now accessible.KMS/KAF
KMS-20595[Accessibility] The Edit Entry page - timeline chapters are now keyboard accessible.KMS/KAF
KMS-20597[Accessibility] The Edit Entry page - timeline elements no longer tab to hidden elements.KMS/KAF
SUP-21196[Accessibility] Added Aria labels to all form fields in the Event Registration page.KMS
SUP-21841[Accessibility] Removed the arialabbeledby for the "HeaderAccordion" in the home page carousel.KMS
SUP-22252[Accessibility] Removed the focus from non-interactive elements in the search results page.KMS/KAF

KMS Version 5.99.68 - June 2, 2020

REACH2-851[Accessibility] Contrast of the 'Order screen' text was corrected.KMS/KAF

Editor Version 2.29.13 - 2 June, 2020

  • Made sure that tab ordering is working correctly.
  • Audio selection is now reachable by keyboard navigation.
  • Added the correct contrast for the Save button
  • The 'Jump to time" is now reachable by keyboard navigation.
  • Changed the default color to 008297 to match the contrast for the entire editor.
  • The Zoom buttons are now reachable by keyboard navigation.

Previous Updates

For previous updates, please find relevant application release notes:

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