Ongoing Accessibility Updates

This article provides an updated report of accessibility changes and enhancements for the Kaltura applications. Links to the relevant version release notes are included.

KMS Version 5.103.905 - February 1, 2021

[Accessibility] The home page carousel clickable items are now correctly read by screen readers.

KMS Version 5.103.70 - January 10, 2021

[Accessibility] All search results coming up empty are now read by screen readers automatically throughout the site.

KMS Version 5.100.64 - October 12, 2020

[Accessibility] submit search icon now has alt text/attribute.

KMS Version 5.100.07 - July 27, 2020

KMS-21342[Accessibility] Action items in the gallery/channel's collapsed view are now associated with video title to allow SR support.KMS/KAF
KMS-21275[Accessibility] The search icon is not a button, and should not be tab-ableKMS/KAF
KMS-21272[Accessibility] The search 'Filters' button should indicate statusKMS/KAF
KMS-21274[Accessibility] View selection is a list, but behaves as buttonsKMS/KAF

KMS Version 5.99.102 - July 5, 2020

PSVAMB-14614[Accessibility] Added contrast to the missing Home Playlists text.KMS

KMS Version 5.99.85 - June 21, 2020

KMS-20846[Accessibility] The new Webcast color contrast is now accessible.KMS/KAF
KMS-20595[Accessibility] The Edit Entry page - timeline chapters are now keyboard accessible.KMS/KAF
KMS-20597[Accessibility] The Edit Entry page - timeline elements no longer tab to hidden elements.KMS/KAF
SUP-21196[Accessibility] Added Aria labels to all form fields in the Event Registration page.KMS
SUP-21841[Accessibility] Removed the arialabbeledby for the "HeaderAccordion" in the home page carousel.KMS
SUP-22252[Accessibility] Removed the focus from non-interactive elements in the search results page.KMS/KAF

KMS Version 5.99.68 - June 2, 2020

REACH2-851[Accessibility] Contrast of the 'Order screen' text was corrected.KMS/KAF

Editor Version 2.29.13 - 2 June, 2020

  • Made sure that tab ordering is working correctly.
  • Audio selection is now reachable by keyboard navigation.
  • Added the correct contrast for the Save button
  • The 'Jump to time" is now reachable by keyboard navigation.
  • Changed the default color to 008297 to match the contrast for the entire editor.
  • The Zoom buttons are now reachable by keyboard navigation.

Previous Updates

For previous updates, please find relevant application release notes:

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