Moderating Services Requests and General Statistics - REACH v2

The Services' Dashboard

The default Services Dashboard opens with:

  • The line of credit available for ordering Kaltura services.
  • The Unit/Department that ordered the captions. If there is only one Unit, this parameter is not displayed.
  • Option for detailed information – graph of the total requests and their statuses
  • Download icon – to download a report of the requested service orders.
  • The Filters Section
  • Moderation Section
  • Usage information

The Services Dashboard may be used to:

To access the Services Dashboard

  • In KMS - Select Services Requests from the User drop down menu.

  • In KAF – go to “My Media”, click on “Services Requests” (in the top right).
  • In KMC - Select the "Services Dashboard" from the top navigation bar.

Display Department Level Billing and Moderation

If configured, select the department/unit you want to view metrics for using the Unit/Department drop down menu.

If you have several REACH Profile IDs, aka as Units or departments configured on your instance you may switch between them at any time to see and compare usage metrics.

Current Credit Status

The current credit status is displayed on the dashboard. The information includes:

  • Credit Expiration Date
  • Used Credit
  • Remaining Credit
  • Credit Overages

Click Show Details to open the Services Status Dashboard. Click Hide Details to close the dashboard.

Services Status Dashboard

The Services Status Dashboard displays information and status for the captions (machine, human) and translation requests.

By default, the list will present only the Pending Approval requests. See Caption Moderation Dashboard.

To view all requests, click Filters and remove the status filter.

To filter service requests information by period

  • Select an option from the Number of Requests drop-down.

To display statistics for each status

  • Click on the status. For example, in the screen Pending Approval indicated that there are 4 requests pending approval. The Processing section shows that there is 1 request for Machine and 3 requests for Professional captions pending approval.

Services Moderation Dashboard

  • Moderation section - A list of orders pending approval. You may select to approve or reject a request here.
  • The requests list is automatically filtered to present the pending moderation requests,

To approve or reject a service order

  1. Check the box next to an existing order.
  2. Press Approve or Reject.
    A confirmation message is displayed to confirm your choice

To show more details for each request

  • Click the arrow next to the service request.
    The following information is displayed:

Additional details include the Requester, the Unit, Media ID and the Duration. The Service type and source and Target Languages and the Speaker ID option are displayed.

Click the arrow to close the additional details.

Filtering Options

Use the Filters option to filter requests and orders. The number of Requests is displayed. If you checked an order to view or modify it will indicate that the order is selected.

You can filter your order requests by:

  • Source Language – select a language from the drop-down.
  • Service Type
  • Feature
  • Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Status
  • Date Created – Enter From and To values.

You can see all requests by checking All under each Filtering option. Select Show More to see more information.

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