Kaltura REACH v2 - Transcript Widget

The Kaltura REACH v2 Transcript Widget can be configured for each player in the KMC Universal Studio. See Instructions for Adding the Kaltura REACH v2 Transcript Widget.

The Transcript widget shows the captions during playback. In the transcription playback mode, you can fast-forward or fast-rewind to search for a particular point in the video.

To show the media transcript

  1. Open the media page.
  2. The transcript widget will be displayed by default.
  3. You can select to Show Transcript or Hide Transcript.

    The transcript for the video is displayed.

    You can play the video and follow the transcript. The text is highlighted as it is played in the video.

    You can search for a specific string in the transcript file. Enter the Search term in the Search field.

  4. Click on the Download icon to download the transcription file.
  5. Click on the Print icon to print the transcript file.
  6. Click Hide Transcript to shut the transcript display.
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