Receiving Moderator Permissions

Room Managers have the option of giving participants or guests Moderator permissions, giving them access a wide series of Kaltura Live Room features.

Moderator Privileges (Participants)

Moderators are able to share content and control what participants are seeing on stage. The room owner, the room's permanent moderator, can set participants as moderators to enable them to share content and help run the live session.

1. Sharing Your Screen

Particiapants or guests will be allowed to share their entire screen, an active application, or a particular tab.  Please check out Sharing Your Screen.

2. Play Shared Files

An room manager or moderator will allow participants to access their playlist.  Participants  or guests will be allowed to play any file in the playlist for the entire class.  Please see Play Shared Files.

3. Draw on Whiteboard & Annotations

Participants will have the ability to draw on the digital whiteboard, use its various tools and annotate over shared files like PDFs. Please see Draw On Digital Whiteboard.

4. Write Notes

Participantsor guests can compose notes as session participants view updates in real time. This enables participants to follow along as key discussion points are written down.
Please see Write Notes.

5. Becoming a full Moderator

Students or guest can be given the full capabilities that Kaltura LIve Room has to offer by being set as a moderator.  In addition to the features above, students will be able to initiate breakout rooms, access files and add them to the playlist, create and edit course quizzes, and upload Youtube videos
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