Breakout Your Live Session

This article describes how to breakout your live session into smaller breakout rooms. Smaller breakout rooms allow for hosting collaborative groups for team activities to encourage active learning and create dynamic, engaging experiences. You can use breakout rooms to automatically or manually assign each team member into different virtual rooms. Once there, team members can utilize all the tools from the main room (Screen Share, Whiteboard, Recording, Upload/Sharing files) i to work together through their group activity.

Breakout Your Live Session

  1. Click Tools.
  2. Select Breakout.
  3. Assign your participants to breakout rooms:
    1. Automatically - Click the Auto-Assign switch to automatically assign session participants in random breakout rooms. They will be distributed evenly throughout the available breakout rooms.
    2. Manually - Drag & drop participants to specific breakout rooms.
  4. Update the time limit as needed. To disable the time limit, simply uncheck the checkbox.
  5. Click Breakout and your participants are automatically redirected to their assigned breakout rooms.

Set Participant Permissions In Breakout Rooms 

Breakout permissions means participants are no longer moderators of their own breakout rooms. Instead, participants are only able to access tools and perform specific functions when permission is given through the breakout manager.
  1. Click Permissions in the Breakout Manager.
  2. From the permission window select or deselect permission to enable or disable them
    1. Chat - Chat and ask questions
    2. Notes - Take, view and download notes.
    3. Share their Screen - Share their Screen.
    4. Play Shared Files - Access files & playlist to play shared media.
    5. Upload Files - Upload files to Files to share in the session.
    6. YouTube - Present and watch YouTube videos.
    7. Annotations - Annotate on images, PDFs and presentations.
    8. Whiteboard - Access and draw on the whiteboard.
    9. Record - Start recording to record their breakout session.
    10. [COMING SOON] Room Switching - See specific article on enabling students to select their own breakout rooms,

Load Files Into Breakout Rooms (before your session)

A host can prepare breakout rooms for a session ahead of time by entering the breakout rooms, uploading materials, and preparing playlists for the breakout users ahead of time. 

Hosts can also use the "Shared Breakout Folder" to upload materials that can later be accessed by users in all the breakout rooms. 

  1. Click Files in main room or within a breakout room.
  2. Click Breakout Shared Folder.
  3. Add files to this folder to be accessible by participants in breakout rooms
 Broadcast Files To Breakout Rooms (during your session)
Hosts can now broadcast media, including videos and files, directly from main room into all active breakout rooms.
  1. Breakout your live session (as explained above).
  2. Click Broadcast to all rooms.

  3. Click Message to broadcast a message to the breakout rooms.
    OR Click Files to add a file to the breakout room.
  4. Select the file you want to broadcast to the room and click Play in breakout rooms.

Manage Your Breakout Rooms

Once Breakout has been initiated, click Manage Breakout button at the top of the screen to access the breakout manager.

Reassign Breakout Participants

  1. Click Manage Breakout.
  2. Drag & drop participants from one room to the next to reassign them.

Join Breakout Rooms From The Main Classroom

  1. Click Manage Breakout.
  2. Click Join corresponding to the room you want to join.

💡When a participant clicks Call Instructor you will see a banner message with a Join button to join them as well.

Join Breakout Rooms From Another Breakout Room

  1. Click the drop-down-menu in the breakout room upper bar.
  2. Select the breakout room you want to join from the menu.

Broadcast Messages To All Breakout Rooms

  1. Click Manage Breakout.
  2. Enter in your message in the message field.
  3. Click the Send button.

Disable/Enable Breakout Timer

  • When the breakout timer is set, you can disable it by clicking Disable Timer.
  • When breakout timer is disabled, you can enable it by clicking Enable Timer.

Extend Breakout Duration

When the breakout timer is set, you can extend the duration in increments of 10 minutes. Just click the Add 10 Min button to extend the breakout duration an additional 10 minutes. Click it multiple times to add more time.

End Your Breakout Session

If you set a breakout duration, then breakout will end automatically when the time expires. You can also manually end breakout.
  1. Click Manage Breakout
  2. Click the End Breakout button. Participants are automatically moved from their breakout sessions and returned to the main room.
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