Kaltura Meetings - Play or Share Your Uploaded Files

Share your uploaded files for synchronous viewing in your live session by playing files from Files or your Playlist.

Play A File From Files

  1. Click Files.
  2. Navigate your cloud storage and select a file you want to share.
  3. Click Play.

💡By default, all microphones are disabled while a video is being played in the room. This is to prevent echoes caused by participants' speakers being streamed back into the room. Microphones are re-enabled automatically when the video is paused or stopped. 

The microphone settings may be configured both through the room settings menu or at the company level by Kaltura's backend.

💡The file you launch, whether a video, PowerPoint presentation or any other file, will be viewed by everyone simultaneously in the live session.  

Play A File From Your Playlist

  1. Navigate to the playlist.
  2. Select the file you want to play to display it on stage.

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