Kaltura Personal Capture Overview

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Kaltura Personal Capture Overview

Kaltura Capture desktop recorder enables easy video creation anywhere by anyone.

Kaltura Capture has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without complex setup or a lengthy learning curve. Kaltura capture is supported both on Windowas and Mac You can record: two camera inputs at once, two screens, or a camera and a screen. Kaltura Personal Capture automatically uploads new videos into the Kaltura Mediaspace video portal or Kaltura Integrations with Learning and Content Management Systems. 

Kaltura Personal Capture includes:

  • Screen and webcam capture in one click
  • Automatic slide detection and creation of searchable chapters
  • Support for software management install
  • Seamless uploading to Learning and Content Management Systems and Kaltura MediaSpace
  • Intuitive user interface

And much more.

Kaltura Personal Capture Workflow

Documentation Guides

Kaltura's Personal Capture installation, procedures, features and tips are described in the following guides:

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