Kaltura Capture Application Management

This article describes Kaltura Capture application's Management Page.

Kaltura Capture Management Interface

After you open the Kaltura Capture Application, the Management window may be opened by clicking Manage on the Kaltura Capture Recorder.


The Management window contains the following tabs:

Library Tab

From the Library tab you may:

  • Delete media - deletes the media from your library
  • Start a new recording and return to the Personal Capture Recorder
  • Click on an entry where you are returned to the Edit Recording Details Page in the Management window. If the recording has already been uploaded you won't be able to edit this page. 
  • Click on the website link that directs you to the KMS/KAF My Media site where your uploaded recording is located.
  • Delete all uploaded - click to delete all uploaded media files from your local storage.

Edit Recording Details Page

From the Edit recording details page you may:

  • Delete media - this will delete the media from you local library
  • Access your media on your KMS/KAF site using the link provided if the media was uploaded
  • Edit the title, description and tags. If the recording has already been uploaded, you cannot change any of the recording details.
  • Playback the video

Settings Tab

From the Settings tab you may:

  • Edit the camera recording quality
  • Edit the screen recording quality
  • Enable or disable the audio system recording (Windows only)
  • Change the Recording name prefix
  • Highlight the cursor
  • Collect and upload application logs
  • Auto minimize the application
  • View the path to the Recordings folder

If your camera or screen resolution capabilities are lower than the set resolution, the resolution will be closest to the resolution that the device can handle.

To auto minimize the application

  • Auto-minimize when recording - When set to No (default) the application UI remains visible when recording starts. When set to Yes, the entire application (including the minimized UI with annotations) minimizes after the countdown when recording starts.

To collect and upload application logs automatically to Kaltura

  • Click “Upload logs”. 

After the upload is completed, you may copy the token and add it to your support ticket as a reference.

Information Tab

From the information tab you may:

  • View the version's information
  • View the connected owner / modify the owner
  • Sign out
  • Click on the website link that directs you to the KMS/KAF which the application is currently connected to.

To modify the connected owner

  • Sign out and then launch the application from the relevant KMS/KAF application.
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