Install Kaltura Capture

To Download and Install Kaltura Capture

  1. On your KMS homepage or KAF application homepage, select Kaltura Capture from the Add New drop down menu.
    You will be redirected to a download page.
  2. If you are installing the Kaltura Capture software for Windows continue here. Skip to Step 3 for Mac Installation.
    1. Click Download for Windows to download the application.
    2. Double click on KalturaCapture_NNN.msi file. The Kaltura Capture Setup screen is displayed.
    3. Click “Next” on the Welcome Screen.
    4.  On the “Installation Settings” screen click Next.
    5. (Optional) If you want to change the location of your stored recordings, enter the new location in the “Recordings Folder” field.
    6. Click “Install” to begin the installation. Click “Finish” on the final screen to complete.

      The Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder software is installed.
  3. If you are installing the Kaltura Capture software for Mac.
    1. Click Download for Mac to download the application.
    2. Click to download the .dmg file.
    3. Double click the file to open it.
      The following window is displayed.
    4. Drag the Kaltura Capture application icon to the Applications folder.

To learn how to launch the application, see Launch Kaltura Capture.

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