How to Collect and Upload the Kaltura Capture Logs

Traffic logs help identify cause(s) of technical issues. This article describes how to collect and upload traffic logs for Kaltura Capture. 

It is important to obtain logs close to the occurrence, as the log folder may be updated with new logs and may no longer include the relevant records from the incident time.
If the logs do not indicate the issue, delete the content in the log folder at \Users\<UserName>\Library\Preferences\Kaltura\Capture\Logs, reproduce the issue, and then collect the logs again.

To collect and upload Kaltura Capture logs automatically to Kaltura

1. Open your Kaltura Capture application.
2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
3. Click Upload logs.
 After the upload is completed, you may copy the token and add it to your support ticket as a reference.

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