What time zones are used for scheduling events in the Kaltura Platform

Advertising, Ad Servers and Ad Networks FAQ

How to remove tags?

How to Add a Kaltura Custom MetaData Schema (Profile)

What Fields Can Be Configured In Kaltura Custom Metadata Profiles

Can Dropbox be used as the location for a remote drop folder in the KMC?

How to use a drop folder?

How to change user settings in the KMC?

Is there a limit to the number of assets per a Kaltura entry?

How to Use Nested Filters

What is bulk upload and FTP content ingestion?

How to add or remove tags to or from a KMC entry?

Can you host videos at your preferred location and link to Kaltura?

What is browser based ingestion?

How to ingest a media file bundled with metadata (CSV, XML, API)

How To Add Fields To Custom Metadata Profile

How to define and assign entry categories?

How to manage assets and metadata

What types of metadata can be used in the KMC?

What is a Kaltura schema?

What is a Kaltura entry?

What are access control profiles?

How to create an access profile

How to restrict content to specific countries

How to restrict domains?

What is a Kaltura entry?

What can I do through the Content tab?

What are the options for preparing entries in the KMC?

What is the character limit for the Description field in the KMC?

How to upgrade your KMC account

Can Dropbox be used as the location for a remote drop folder in the KMC?

Can the Entry Batch Upload CSV be used for updating existing entries?

How to add distributor destinations to your account

How do you access/download a raw file?

How frequently is the analytic data updated in the KMC for a given item?

How to upload media files to an existing entry using Drop Folders

What is browser-based ingestion?

What is a Kaltura Custom Metadata Profile Schema?

What is the recommended time to keep a log of server notifications?

How to configure anti-virus scanning for a publisher through the Kaltura Admin Console

How to remove the large play button from a player

Which type of files can be uploaded to KMC?

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