Content Ingestion, Bulk Upload & Drop Folder

What file types may be uploaded to the KMC?

04/02/2020Tal Binder
The supported media types to upload are video/audio/image. The following screenshot demonstrates the Upload Settings window when selecting a file to upload via "Upload from Desktop". For the full list of supported ingestion (Input) fil...

What time zones are used for scheduling events in the Kaltura Platform

08/20/2019Tal Binder
Scheduling the Time Zone Through API or Drop Folders The API always uses the Unix timestamp. Unix time is indicated in UTC. Bulk upload uses GMT with the format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss (T is just the letter T) The KMC translates the timestamps...

Can Dropbox be used as the location for a remote drop folder in the KMC?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
If you can access the Dropbox location using FTP or SFTP,  it can be used as a drop folder .

How to ingest a media file bundled with metadata (CSV, XML, API)

08/20/2019Tal Binder
To enable more advanced content ingestion options, the provided CSV/XML samples can be extended to include multiple/custom metadata items, account-specific settings, update action, and advanced content ingestion options (for example, ingestion of mu...

How to use a drop folder?

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
The Kaltura Drop Folder is a paid for service that enables you to automate the ingestion of content into the Kaltura platform. The Drop Folder service constantly watches each drop folder for new content, and activates automatic ingestion of new cont...

Can Dropbox be used as the location for a remote drop folder in the KMC?

03/19/2020Jennifer Harris
If you can access the Dropbox location using FTP or SFTP, it can be used as a drop folder.

Is there a limit to the number of assets per a Kaltura entry?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
There is a limit of 500 assets per entry. Assets may include: Flavors (videos) Thumbnails Captions Attachments Currently, Kaltura does not offer version history controls for Kaltura entries. There is no SLA on recovering previous versions of...

Can the Entry Batch Upload CSV be used for updating existing entries?

03/19/2020Jennifer Harris
The Entries Bulk Upload CSV does not support the update action. The Entries Bulk Upload XML supports the update and delete actions. Entitlement related CSVs support update and delete actions for Categories, End-users, and End-user Entitlements. ...

What is bulk upload and FTP content ingestion?

08/20/2019Gilat Tzitrinovich
Kaltura offers bulk content ingestion when there is a need to upload large files. Bulk upload presents a great advantage to consolidate large amounts of video content in different locations from remote sites.  You can import multiple files ...

Can you host videos at your preferred location and link to Kaltura?

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
This use case is typically combined with transcoding performed on the publisher’s side, after which the output files are pushed directly to CDN hosting, or to a local intranet delivery source. In this case, Kaltura essentially only manages the...

What is browser based ingestion?

08/20/2019Leetal Elitzur
You can upload files from your computer, record a video with your webcam, import from a selection of online repositories, or submit a bulk upload request via Kaltura formatted CSV/XML, all from within the Kaltura Management Console.

What is a Kaltura schema?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
A schema is a model for describing the structure of information. Each data schema holds a list of customized fields. An XSD (XML Schema Definition) provides a way to describe and validate data in an XML environment.