How to Advertise with Kaltura

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
Kaltura’s monetization features contain a comprehensive set of advertising tools, pay-per–view, subscription models, and built-in reports that let you optimize your strategy based on viewer behavior. You can target viewers with ads on l...

How do I add the Ad Vast Server

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Integrating your Ad Server with the KMC is a one-time activity performed when you initially set up video advertising. The ad server has to be VAST compliant or available as a Kaltura plugin. You may also create a custom swf for the Kaltura Player to...

How to Configure Ads?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Kaltura partners have the ability to create a custom .swf file to stream ads from their own ad server to the Kaltura Player. The.swf file acts as an ad plugin. The configured key-value pairs must be defined to play the relevant ads. You have to subs...

What do I need to know about the ad terminology?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Ad tracking – the ability to define which/if ads play based on specific metadata. Overlay – an ad that appears as an image (usually with text) over a video, while the video is playing. Companion ad – a banner ad that accompa...

What is Tremor Media?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Tremor Media is an ad network that acts as a connector between ad companies/servers and their customers. Tremor Media connects with numerous ad sources and partners from a single control center and works with their customers to provide the appropria...

How do I configure the Tremor media 3rd Party plugin?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Tremor Video is a digital video technology company that serves the complementary needs of the media community. Tremor VideoHub Server offers advertisers massive reach and proven engagement with their marketing messages in 100% brand-safe environment...

What is Tremor Media's added functionality?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
The list of functionality that has been added to the Tremor plugin is  here .

How to configure VAST ads?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
To configure VAST ads Select the Studio tab and select an existing player or create a new one. See How to configure the player style . The player is configured to display VAST ads only. Select the Advertising tab. Enable Request ads for this ...

How to add an overlay at the entry level?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
To add an overlay at the entry level Configure the Player Advertising Settings. Select the Content Tab and select an entry. Select the Advertisements tab. Click on the + icon to add an overlay. Select the method to obtain the overlay add fro...

How to configure Bumper post-rolls?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni

What ad servers are supported in the Kaltura Management Console?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
All VAST compliant ad servers are supported. For more information see Kaltura’s Generic Ads Player Plugin for VAST.pdf . The Kaltura Player all VAST compliant ad servers and supports the following ad plugins: AdapTV DoubleClick FreeWheel ...

How to configure VAST pre-roll ads?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Learn all about Configure the Player Advertising Settings . To see the step by step process on how to configure VAST pre-roll ads click here . ...

How frequently is the analytic data updated in the KMC for a given item?

03/19/2020Jennifer Harris
Analytics are updated up to 24 – 48 hours from the activities execution time.

How to configure mid-roll ads?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Midrolls and overlays are cue points that are defined on an entry level in the KMC advertisements editor. Click here to see the step by step process. ...

How to target information to an ad server?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
While ads targeting is performed within the ad server, Kaltura’s VAST advertising module is designed to pass all the relevant targeting information to the ad server. Targeting information can be set in several levels: Targeting per player an...

How to configure companion ads?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Companion Ads are text, display ads, rich media, or skins that wrap around the video experience, and can run alongside either or both the video or ad content. The primary purpose of the Companion Ad product is to offer sustained visibility of the sp...

What kind of third party player plugins does Kaltura offer?

08/26/2020Debbie Zioni
Kaltura supports industry standard VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2.0 which is commonly supported among networks such as: Tremor Media,, YuMe, FreeWheel, DFP, EyeWonder, and AdoTube. You can find more information about Kaltura's generic Ads player ...