What do I need to know about the ad terminology?

Ad tracking – the ability to define which/if ads play based on specific metadata.

Overlay – an ad that appears as an image (usually with text) over a video, while the video is playing.

Companion ad– a banner ad that accompanies the ad that plays over the video player – this can either be located in the list area of the playlist or somewhere else on the HTML page.

Ad Tag URL – a URL that is XML that contains all the information about the ad(s) that should be displayed. VAST works with an ad tag URL system. The XML needs to conform to VAST standard in order to be considered “VAST-compatible”. That means that it needs to have the proper tags.

The following is an example of a VAST ad tag URL: http://ad3.liverail.com/?LR_PUBLISHER_ID=1331&LR_CAMPAIGN_ID=229&LR_SCHEMA=vast2

To see the example, insert this URL into your browser. Ad Cue Points – time based points on an entry that can be used to view mid- roll advertisements.

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