Getting Started

What is a Kaltura entry?

08/20/2019Leetal Elitzur
A Kaltura Entry is a logical reference to your media asset. An entry encapsulates all physical media files generated during ingestion (source, “flavors”, and thumbnails), standard and custom metadata, captions, scheduling settings, adver...

How to Get the Direct Download URL (Raw file) for Your Content?

03/19/2020Jennifer Harris
The download link for your content can be retrieved by the flavorAsset.getUrl API call or the downloadUrl returned on the entry object. Following you will find instructions for both options. To get the download link via the downloadUrl prop Ope...

Understanding Parent-Child Entries

07/21/2021Tal Binder
1) What is the difference between a parent/child entry and a regular single entry? Kaltura media may be comprised of one file asset or more. Entries are generated respectively, once your source media file starts uploading and transcoding begins. ...