Is there a way to publish content quickly?

A popular requirement for news websites and video publishers is to publish videos as quickly as possible. Kaltura allows you to control video asset readiness speed by allowing you to configure the ingestion process to your needs.

By default, a video entry is not at the ‘Ready’ status (for publishing) until all of the required flavors (by default the required set of flavors is the minimal set of flavors required for web playback) are created.  If many flavors are included in the transcoding profile, the conversion process may take many minutes, which is often not fast enough for breaking news videos.

You can configure whether a certain flavor’s readiness is required or not, so that you can publish your content quickly. 

For example, assuming the source flavor is a web-playable entry created using h264 for web and mobile. You can configure h264 as the required flavor, while all other flavors are optional. The entry will receive the “Ready” state for publishing immediately after the upload is complete. The other flavors will then be processed and added to the entry in the background subsequently, after a short processing period

See the blog on Extra Fast Publishing for more information.



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