Kaltura Video Integration with Zoom Setup Guide

Setting up the Zoom Integration with Kaltura

To configure the Zoom Kaltura integration settings

  1. Browse to the Zoom Marketplace website and login with your admin credentials.
  2. Select Manage.
  3. Search for and then select Kaltura.
  4. Click Install to add the application to your account.
    The following screens are displayed:
    Authentication Screen - use to authorize with your Kaltura account credentials.
  5. Enter the Authentication information.
    The User Name and Password information comes from the "Settings>>My User Settings", User Details section in the Kaltura Management Console.
The Partner ID information comes from the "Settings > Integration Settings" Account Info section within Kaltura.

     6. Enter the Settings information:

a. Input the Default Kaltura User ID. This User ID will be used if the Zoom host user ID does not exist in Kaltura and will become the default owner for uploaded recordings. 

b. Input the Zoom Category - The Category name for Zoom recordings.

c. Check the "Enable Upload Recording" to enable the integration.

d. You can choose to create users automatically if they do not exist, by marking the check box. 

e. Meeting participants can be added as co-publishers, co-viewers, or only the host can be defined as the owner of the recording. This option will apply to all meeting recordings. 

f. In some cases, users are defined in Zoom differently than they are defined in Kaltura. For example, Zoom may transfer the entire email address (e.g. first.last@company.com) and in some cases only the user name (e.g. first.last). This setting enables sync between Zoom users and Kaltura users by adding or removing a postfix (e.g. @company.com) or maintaining the same user ID as in Zoom. 

      7. Once all settings are defined, click submit to apply your configuration. 

Creating Zoom Recordings

Users in the configured account are now able to record their Zoom recordings that will be automatically uploaded to Kaltura.

When the meeting ends the recording is processed and is automatically synced to Kaltura. The file name becomes Zoom the Zoom ID for the recording.


To view Zoom Recordings in Kaltura 

  1. Select Content>Entries. 
  2. Filter the entries by Category. Enter the Zoom Category name that was assigned to your account.

To View the Zoom entry’s Metadata

  1. Select Content > Entries.
  2. Filter the Zoom entries and select the entry
  3. Select the Users Tab.

The following Metadata may be seen in the KMC Users tab:

  • Recorded entry title - Zoom Recording - [ID:{Zoom-Meeting-ID}]
  • Owner - Zoom host or default Kaltura user ID
  • Co-publishers (optional) - any alternate Zoom hosts.
  • Select the Metadata Tab to view the Category information.
  • Category (optional) - top-level category as defined in the Zoom application.


The Description field will include additional information about the meeting such as the Zoom recording ID and meeting time. The meeting time is shown in Zoom event time (e.g. Z near time description means UTC/GMT time zone).

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