How to replace media in the KMC?

You can replace media content when an entry is ready for publishing or when a media processing error occurred. The entry itself, with its current metadata, entry ID, and analytics information, remains unchanged.

All Transcoding Flavors are replaced as one unit to ensure that inconsistency errors do not occur between old and new Transcoding Flavors at any given time.

You can review the Transcoding Flavors of the new media file in a temporary entry that is available for this purpose only. After you approve media replacement, all of the entry’s existing Transcoding Flavors are deleted and will be replaced by the new ones.

To replace media

  1. Select the Content tab and click on an entry.
  2. Select the Flavors tab.
  3. Click on an entry.
  4. Select the replacement method.
    See Upload From Desktop, Import from URL
    After you trigger the action, a link to review the new Transcoding Flavors generated for the new media becomes available on the Flavors tab.
  5. Click on Processing – Click here to review to see the transcoding process. You can then review the new Transcoding Flavors, and approve or cancel our selection..
  6. Click Approve Replacement. All current flavors are replaced when you approve the replacement or click Cancel Replacement to cancel your actions.

When you trim an entry, you trigger a similar process that replaces existing flavors with the trimmed version.

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