Can I Reset a Room or Clean It Up?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. Resetting or cleaning up a room is done manually. You will need to delete or reset each feature individually. For example, delete all files from the playlist, clear all whiteboards, etc.

What Technology In the Virtual Classroom Is Used For Video Conferencing?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
WebRTC is used for video conferencing in the Virtual Classroom. 

How Can I Send Logs & Receive Technical Support In Kaltura Meetings?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
1. Send support logs from inside the Kaltura Meetings live room (as outlined below). 2. Kaltura Customers with an active Support plan (e.g. Silver/Gold/Platinum) should open up a ticket by logging into the Kaltura Customer Care portal (by clicking ...

Can I Password-Protect the Room for Guest Attendees?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. Passwords can be set and required to access the room as a guest. See Require A Password To Join Your Virtual Classroom for more information. ...

Can People Who Were Previously in Meetings With Me Use the Same Link To Join Meetings Happening Later ‘By Chance’?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. People could join meetings happening later 'by chance'. The system was built for recurring classes so unless you set a password to enter the room next time, the participants that have a link to the room will be able to join the class/m...

What Are the Options To Engage With the Teacher Inside the Room?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
The following options are available to engage with the teacher inside the Virtual Classroom: Raise Hand button Chat   Q&A Chat - A private chat for questions between participant and moderator. 

What Branding Options Are Available in Virtual Classrooms?

04/01/2020Lior Bukshpan
Admins are able to set a logo and brand colors to be used on the notes, emails, and  Virtual Classroom view. Click here  to read more.  ...