Is There a Session Timeout After the Instructor Leaves a Room, Before Users Are Given the "Instructor Offline" Message?

Virtual Classrooms/Live Rooms close 5 minutes after the last user leaves the room. After those 5 minutes have elapsed, if a user (not an instructor) attempts to enter the room, he/she is given the "Instructor Offline" message. This "session time-out" does not apply to the instructor; he/she may re-enter the room freely at any time. 

It is important to note that during those 5 minutes, the room remains open and users can still come into the room. If a new user enters the room before those 5 minutes have elapsed, the room is "re-engaged" and the "session time-out" is suspended. The room then remains open until 5 minutes after the last user joined the room.  

Please see the article End Session to end a particular session instantly

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