Is Kaltura's Virtual Classroom Localized?

04/02/2020Debbie Zioni
Kaltura's Virtual Classroom is available in multiple languages. Changing your language will only affect your user interface. It will not affect others on your instance.  The following languages are supported: Arabic German English...

What Data is Collected Through the Kaltura Meetings Logs?

09/08/2020Tal Binder
The Kaltura Meetings support logs collect 3 main key items: The statistics from WebRTC concerning each stream.  The Application logs recording the activities carried out in the room. The User-Agent logs that notes the devices, Operating Sys...

How Can I Change My Profile Picture?

05/21/2020Lior Bukshpan
Log into your account. Click on "Profile" to update your picture. Click on the picture and change it to any picture from your desktop. ...

Is There a Session Timeout After the Instructor Leaves a Room, Before Users Are Given the "Instructor Offline" Message?

04/13/2020Lior Bukshpan
Virtual Classrooms/Live Rooms close 5 minutes after the last user leaves the room. After those 5 minutes have elapsed, if a user (not an instructor) attempts to enter the room, he/she is given the "Instructor Offline" message. This "...

Do Virtual Classrooms Integrate with LMSs?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. Virtual Classrooms integrate with LMSs via LTI through course and user provisioning, providing a seamless SSO experience that is entirely browser based.

Is the Virtual Classroom GDPR Compliant?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. The Kaltura Virtual Classroom is part of the Privacy Shield - both the EU and Swiss frameworks.

How Many Seats Per Class or Meeting Does a Virtual Classroom Support?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
The number of seats per class or meeting depends on your plan (or contract) with Kaltura. However, one Virtual Classroom supports a maximum of 500 concurrent participants.

How Do I Launch a Classroom in KMS?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Launch your personal room – Select “Live Room” from the USER drop down menu. Channel/course room – Click on the Media Tab in the channel. On the top right corner of the tab, click to launch the virtual room. ...

Can I Reset a Room or Clean It Up?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
Yes. Resetting or cleaning up a room is done manually. You will need to delete or reset each feature individually. For example, delete all files from the playlist, clear all whiteboards, etc.

What Technology In the Virtual Classroom Is Used For Video Conferencing?

04/02/2020Lior Bukshpan
WebRTC is used for video conferencing in the Virtual Classroom.