How to download multi-stream media?

“Multi-stream” entries, for example, a Kaltura Capture recording can be comprised of two separate, but related, entries: a parent and a child.  The Kaltura player support viewing the two videos in a single layout. This mechanism is powered by the dual-screen plugin which allows the end-users to toggle between the viewing options. For additional information, please refer to Viewing Rich Media in the Kaltura Player.

By default, the downloading action will download only the parent entry and not the child entry. Downloading the child entry can be available by adding a Professional Service plugin. Please note that PS plugins are not available out-of-the-box and might require an additional fee. For more information, please contact your Kaltura representative.

Nevertheless, there are workarounds to separately download the secondary files; such as, temporarily add another file to the media and use the Content Selector to switch between the parent and the child files, or via the API console. This guide will explore the workarounds for downloading the child entry.

To download the child entry using the Content Selector

  1.  Access the Edit Media Page and click on the Timeline tab.
  2.  Add a slide in a single image file format like JPG/PNG.  
  3. Click "Save" and "View in Player".
  4. The Content Selector icon is now displayed. Click on the Content Selector icon and select different steam to view.
  5. Click on the download button to download the new parent entry.
  6. The secondary file is now downloaded.
  7. On the Timeline tab, select the excess slide and click "Delete Slide".

The Content Selector adapts its display according to the number of files available on the media and only appears in case of three files or more are available. 

To download the child entry using API

1. Start an Admin Kaltura Session, as instructed in How to Start a Kaltura Session using the TestMe Console.
2. Perform the following API call:
     a. Select Service: baseEntry
     b. Select Action: list
     - Click the 'Edit' button next to 'KalturaBaseEntryFilter'
     - Set the multi-stream Entry ID under 'parentEntryIdEqual (string)'
     c. Click Send.
The resulted output indicates the ID field with the child entry ID and its downloadURL link.
3.  Copy the download URL link and paste it onto your browser bar. 

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