Download Media

Media owners in KMS and KAF applications can now configure downloadable versions of the media for viewers to download from the media page..

For the User - Viewer

If Media Download was enabled on the specific entry the viewers are watching, they can use the download button and then choose from available flavors list to download the specific file.

The media file will be downloaded to the desktop for future use.

For the User - Media Owner

Media owners may choose from download tab inside edit entry screen, to check available entries from the list to be visible to the viewers.

For the Admin

The admin can configure this feature under downloadmedia module. Other required configurations in that screen are the roles that will be set for viewing the download button and download action (viewer side).

In addition, the admin will have to configure the flavors that will be visible for the media owner to choose from. The admin may choose as many flavors as they want from the list of the transcoding profiles, as they appear in the KMC.You can then  name them as they will appear to the media owner (if no name will be given, the flavor default name in Kaltura will be given by default). Note that the final list which will appear for the media owner will be from what was chosen by the admin from the list and what is actually set (in the KMC) for this KMS instance and available flavors on the specific entry. It is advised that you verify with KMC admin what is checked for the account beforehand.




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