Using the Kaltura Interactive Video Composer

The Kaltura Interactive Video Composer

Kaltura Interactive Videos are composed of nodes. Each node acts as a container for a video. The Composer is also referred to as the node map. The Kaltura Interactive Video Composer is made up of the editing canvas and toolbar to help build out your project efficiently.
The composer is where you build out the structure of your interactive project. All projects begin with an empty start node that is ready to accept media.

As your project grows, the node map can be positioned to show different parts of the branching structure. You can zoom in and out using the slider in the upper left, and you can move to different areas of the project by clicking and dragging the node map itself.

Empty Node Tool

Empty nodes can be dragged onto the node map and act as placeholders as you build out your project structure.

Selection Tools

Similar to video editing software, the node map has both pointer and marquee tools.

  • Pointer: Use this to select single nodes or branches on the node map.
  • Marquee: Click and drag over an area on the node map to select multiple nodes and branches.

Node Tools

  • Edit: Select a node and choose “edit” to bring up the node editor. Nodes can only be edited one at a time. Double-clicking on a node will provide the same functionality.
  • Delete: Select a node and choose “delete” to remove the node and any associated media from the node map. You can also select the node and press the delete key to achieve the same result.

Node Labels

Toggles the display of the names above the nodes on the node map.

Show Paths

Toggles the display of paths between nodes on the node map.

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