Set Your System Settings Overview

You can adjust the Kaltura live room system settings for the following: 

Device Settings

All users in the live room can set the webcam, microphone, and audio output devices they want to use in the live session. Click on Manage Your Device Settings for more information. 

Room Mode

Instructors/moderators can set a live room session to Virtual Classroom or Webinar mode.
Click on Class Modes: Standard room vs Large room for more information. 

Default Permissions

Instructors/moderators can set default permissions, whether to draw on the the whiteboard, play shared files, share screen, or write notes, for all participants. Click Set Participant Permissions for more information. 

Chat Settings

Instructors/moderators can give access to the various chat modules to your participants. Click Send Chat Messages for more information. 

Browser Focus

Instructors/moderators can initiate browser focus to gauge if your participants are focusing on the live room or clicked away in a different browser. Click Track Participant Focus During The Session for more information. 
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