Scheduling Events - Viewing the Recording Schedule

To access the Calendar Page
  • In MediaSpace, select My Calendar from the user drop down.
  • In KAF, select My Calendar from the My Media page.
    The Calendar Page is displayed. 

The Calendar Page displays all of the scheduled events on your Agenda. Use the Calendar Page to create, edit, or delete a scheduled event.

Calendar Views

Each date has aggregated information for day and week views.There are three calendar views:
1. Day view - All the scheduled events for the current day
2. Week view - All the scheduled events for the current week
3. Agenda view - displays all the scheduled events in a list view
To scroll to a different day
  • Click on the Previous and Next arrows to scroll to the Previous or Next day.
  • Click on Today to return to the current day.
  • Click on Jump To to open a monthly calendar.
    • Click on the Previous or Next buttons to scroll to the month you are looking for.
    • Click on the day in the monthly calendar to view the specific events for that day. 

To Create an Event

To Create a Recurring Event

To Edit an Event
To Delete an Event
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