Kaltura Video Quiz Administrator's Guide

Enable the Quiz Module

To enable the Quiz module

If this module is not in your KMS or KAF application, please contact your Kaltura representative to enquire about adding it.

  1. Login to the Configuration Management section of KMS or KAF (by going to your base URL and adding /admin at the end).
  2. In the list of configurable items on the left of your screen, locate and click on Quiz.
    The Quiz module window displays. 
  3. In the Enabled pull down list, select Yes.
  4. Enter values for the relevant fields and click Save.

Enable Multiple Quiz Attempts and Open Questions

A quiz creator may select how many attempts a user has to take the selected quiz, as well as which score to use. See Multiple Attempts for more information.

Open questions are designed to encourage a full, meaningful answer using the subject's own knowledge and/or information. Open Questions may be answered in free text format and are not considered as part of the grade.

To enable and multiple quiz attempts and open questions

  1. In the Quiz module window, in the enable QuestionV3 pull down list, select Yes.
  2. Click Save.

See the full list of fields in the Quiz module here.

Verify VQ is Enabled

To verify VQ is enabled

  1. Login to your KMS or KAF instance.
  2. Click + Add New to see the list of options for adding media.
    Video Quiz is displayed as an option.

Be certain to activate the Userreports module in KMS or in your KAF instance to ensure that you can display the VQ analytics.

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