Kaltura Capture - Editing Recording Information in KMS/KAF

Recording Information

You can set the recording details after your recording is uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace or to your media in your KAF application. 

To modify the recording information

  • Go to My Media.
  • Select the recording and click the pencil icon to edit the entry's details.

You can add the following information:

  • Title of the recording – A default title will be used otherwise.
  • Description – A description of your recording.
  • Tags – Tags are searchable after the recording is uploaded to Kaltura. Press Enter after each tag you add.
  • User Name – The User Name is the owner of the recording and will be able to view it in My Media in KMS and KAF applications.

All other capabilities that are applied to entries, may also be applied to entries that were recorded using Kaltura Capture.

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