June 2017 Release Notes - Moodle

Version 4.1

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura Video Plugin for Moodle, released June 2017. This version includes added support for Moodle 3.3 and the Boost theme. This version supports automatic migration of content from version V3 of the package. Please refer to the section on Content Migration for important information.

Release DateJune 2017
Supported Moodle VersionsMoodle 3.3: Kaltura Release 4.1 (2017062533)
Moodle 3.2: Kaltura Release 4.1 (2017062132)
Moodle 3.1: Kaltura Release 4.1 (2017062131)
KAF Version5.60.x

What's New in this Version

  • Moodle 3.3 support
  • Responsive player design.

    In the Browse Search and Embed workflow, the player embedded is now responsive and will adjust its size per the frame dimensions. The 3 original size options still apply. 

    • Support for the Moodle Boost Theme
      • Media Gallery location under the Settings tab
      • Media Gallery location in a block
      • Media Gallery location in the new left navigation bar
      • My-Media location in the user menu
    • Support for the ‘Current Course’ tab removal
      The ‘Current Course’ was removed by Moodle In the navigation block. The Kaltura Media Gallery will no longer be available there. The Kaltura Media Gallery now located on ‘My Courses’, at the end of each course.

Resolved Issues

 Ticket Number



Fixed the  Event Log URLS (link ingithub)


Deprecated use of stdClass object (link ingithub)


The Embed button icon in TinyMCE editor is no longer missing.


The scroll bar on the assignment submission BSE (v3.3 only) is no longer missing.

Known Issues

Ticket Number



Some screens and the player may be cut off on the iPad portrait view.


Ticket Number



A Video Resource may be displayed incorrectly when adding media via the TinyMCE and Add Media.


A video presentation resource may be migrated incorrectly if the video was also added via the TinyMCE.


Migration to this version may require disabling the 32 category limitation by Kaltura Customer Care and will require a temporary scheduled downtime for non-KAF applications.

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