Kaltura Video Package for Moodle Upgrade Guide

Before You Begin


If upgrading the client's site, you must have Kaltura release 3.1.02 (RL: (2014010901 or 2014102105) for Moodle 2.5 or Kaltura release 3.1.02 (RL: (2013071808 or 2014102106) for Moodle 2.6. See Verify the Kaltura Video Package Version on Moodle for details.

Please read the instructions about the Mandatory Steps to Perform on the KAF Admin Console for additional steps required to be performed on the KAF instance provided to you.

You must perform the following tasks before upgrading to the Kaltura Video Package for Version 4.2.6 to successfully upgrade the software.

To begin the upgrade process

  1. Create a backup of your Moodle 3.x database.
  2. Disable the Kaltura repository plugin.
    1. Login as administrator.
    2. Go to Settings > Site Administration > Plugins > Manage repositories.
    3. Set Kaltura to ‘Disabled.
  3. Delete the following folders from the Moodle folder:
  • local/kaltura
  • local/mymedia
  • mod/kalvidres
  • mod/kalvidpres
  • mod/kalvidassign
  • repository/kaltura
  • filter/Kaltura

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Entries shared with multiple courses in V3 may not be migrated properly when running on PHP versions below 5.3.29.
  • Video presentation resources may be migrated incorrectly if the video was also added via TinyMCE.
  • You may need to exceed the KMC 32 category limitation during migration. The limitation may be enabled or disabled by Kaltura Customer Care only. Please contact Kaltura Customer Care to temporarily disable the 32 category limitation to allow the migration to complete successfully. You will need to schedule a down time for all other non KAF applications associated with the same partner Id to perform the migration. Kaltura Customer Care should reapply the KMC 32 category limitation after the migration is successfully completed.

Upgrading Process

To upgrade to version 4.2.6

  1. After copying the Moodle 4.x code into your web server, copy the additional Kaltura modules.  See Installation Process, and use your current Kaltura credentials.
  2. Click ‘Upgrade Moodle database now’ to install the new package.

  3. Review the upgraded modules and click ‘Continue’:
  4. After the upgrade completes, insert the KAF URI in the Kaltura package libraries configuration.
    Please make sure the KAF URI does not include http:// prefix and that it does not end with any trailing slashes (‘/’).for example: “http://12345678.kaf.kaltura.com” and “12345678.kaf.kaltura.com/” are wrong examples.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Go back to the Kaltura package libraries (Site administrationàPluginsàLocal pluginsàKaltura package libraries). Make sure your account details appear correctly:
  7. To start the migration of content, click on the link at the bottom of the Kaltura package libraries page:
  8. On the Data migration page select a KAF category to migrate to and click Start. This should be the category selected on your KAF instance. For more details, please refer to the Kaltura Video Package v4 for Moodle Setup Guide.

    A message informing that the migration has been completed is displayed.
  9. Click Continue.

Post Upgrade

  • Ensure all of your assignments, video resources and presentations are located in the correct courses and that all of the videos play without any issues.
  • Ensure video assignments grades are kept intact.

Content Migration

V3 entries that were shared with the site will be transferred to Shared Repository category.

  • V3 entries that were shared with course will be transferred to Kaltura Media Gallery of the specific course.
  • V3 entries that were added by a specific user will be displayed on user’s My Media page on V4.
  • Kaltura video resources / assignments / presentations will be available at the same path they were on V3.
  • Users, credentials and courses names will stay the same as they were on V3.

Verify the Kaltura Video Package Version on Moodle

To verify the Kaltura Video Package Version on Moodle

  1. Log into your Moodle site as an administrator.
  2. Go to the plugins overview page (Site administrationàPluginsàPlugins overview).The following Kaltura plugins should appear:

Plugin name



Kaltura Media Assignment



Kaltura Video Resource



Kaltura Media Gallery (block)



Kaltura Media (filter)



Embed Kaltura Media (atto)



Kaltura media (tinymce)



Kaltura package libraries



My Media (local_mymedia)



Kaltura Media Gallery (local)



Mandatory Steps to Perform on the KAF Admin Console

To access your KAF instance Admin Console from within your Moodle site

  1. Go to Site administrationàPluginsàLocal pluginsàKaltura package libraries and click the URL at top of the page:
  2. After installing/upgrading the Kaltura Video Package for Moodle you will need to specify the root category you created under the Categories module.






    Select the category you created in the KMC.

    NOTE: The root category should not be changed after the plugin is configured. It is okay to change the name of the root category from the KMC. It will automatically update in the KAF Admin Console. 

    Be certain that the sharedRepositoryCategoryId field is updated in the Hosted module. If it is not updated the following is displayed:

  3. Click “Click here to update” to update the Shared Repository.

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