Best Practices for Upgrading BSE Versions

How to upgrade the BSE version to v3?
  1. Login to the application Configuration Management window.
  2. Go to the Browseandembed module.
  3. Check your v1 or v2 configuration. Take a note of the players set in the uiConfId and BSEPlayerID fields and sizes under embedSizes.
  4. Use this opportunity to update the players in the KMC studio to the latest player version. 
  5. Set the enableNewBSEUI field to v3.

Now, it's decision time.

What players would you like to use in the BSE.

If you want to use the players that are used for My-Media and Media Gallery as the BSE player do the following:

  1. Set the EmbedSettingsButton to Hide. Media types other than ‘video’ will load with players set in the dedicated modules (e.g. audioEntry, imageEntry, Quiz, kwebcast). 
  2. If left empty, the BSE Player will become the default.
  3. If the BSE Player is also empty, the KAF main player will be used.

If you want to set a dedicated player as the BSE player ( or for each media type):

  1. Set the EmbedSettingsButton field to Show.
  2. Navigate to the EmbedSettings section and click addEmbedSettings for each type of media you want to set with a dedicated player.
  3. Enter values for the fields in the EmbedSettings section.
  4. Be certain to provide a meaningful player name for the users to be able to understand what type of the player is being used. For example “with download button” or “transcript widget enabled”. 

For more information see Setting a Dedicated Player for a Specific Media Type for MediaSpace and KAF Applications.

You can have some types of media that use the default, and other types of media that have more than one embed setting configured.

Some LMSs do not support the thumbnail embed and auto-play features.

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