Browse Search and Embed Administrator's Guide

This guide provides information on how to enable and setup the Kaltura Browse Search and Embed feature and is intended for KAF administrators.

The Kaltura Browse Search and Embed feature offers different embed options that Admins can configure in the Browseandembed module.

Admins can allow end users to select from on of the preconfigured players and sizes and allow admins to determine players and customize player sizes according to media types.

Browse Search and Embed

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
The Browse Search and Embed feature, also referred to as BSE, allows you to browse and search through your media, Media Gallery, Shared Repository, and Media Gallery Playlists and embed selected media and/or playlists on your page. You can intuitive...

Submission Workflow Admin Guide for the LMS Video Assignments

08/20/2019Ido Achrak
KAF Administrators have the ability to prevent embedded video submissions from being edited or deleted across the board for LMS integrations.  There are two ways to enable this submission workflow -  With a Browse and Embed Pop-up ...

Using the Kaltura Browse Search and Embed (BSE) Feature

08/20/2019Debbie Zioni
This article describes how to use the Kaltura Browse Search and Embed (BSE) feature.  This article pertains to the Browse Search and Embed feature v3.   The Browse Search and Embed feature is set up by your system administrator in the ...

Enable the Browseandembed Module in KAF

06/25/2020Jennifer Harris
Login to your KAF application and go to the Kaltura Configuration Management window. Scroll down and select the   Browseandembed module in the ModulesCustom/core/kaf section. The Browseandembed Administration page is displayed. In the E...

Configure the Browse and Embed Players and Sizes

06/25/2020Jennifer Harris
Log in to the application Configuration Management window. Go to the Browseandembed module. In the enableNewBSEUI field, set the value to v3. Before upgrading, you may want to check your v1 or v2 configuration and take a note of the playe...