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The Browse Search and Embed feature, also referred to as BSE, allows you to browse and search through your media, Media Gallery, Shared Repository, and Media Gallery Playlists and embed selected media and/or playlists on your page. You can intuitively use rich media without time-consuming training by simply launching the BSE feature in your supported website. You can embed media inside rich-text elements such as Announcements, Forums and Assignments. The Kaltura Browse Search and Embed feature gives users the ability to add media anywhere they are allowed to publish text to, add content on the fly and re-purpose media, for example: forums, assignments, announcements and notifications.

Supported Sites

The Browse Search and Embed (BSE) feature is available in the following BSE supported integrations:

  • Kaltura Video App for Canvas
  • Kaltura Building Block for Blackboard Learn
  • Kaltura Building Block for Blackboard Ultra
  • Kaltura Video Extension for Brightspace by D2L
  • Kaltura Video Package for Moodle
  • Kaltura Video Tool for Sakai
  • Kaltura Video Plugin for Jive
  • Kaltura Video Extension for IBM Connections
  • Kaltura Video Extension for SharePoint 2013

Launching the Kaltura Media BSE Feature

To launch the Kaltura Browse Search and Embed Feature

  1. Click on a tool available in your page on your supported site (for example, Announcements) and click Add. 
  2. In the rich text editor click the Kaltura Media button. The tool display and the tool name may vary for each site.

See the Using the Browse Search and Embed (BSE) Feature article for information on how to use the feature.

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