How to change the Access Denied error message?

 The Access Denied error message is displayed when a user does not have the right to access content.  For example, users may share subscription links with users that are not members of, or were not invited to the channel.

By default, the Access Denied error message is displayed as follows:

Use the language exception feature to change the text, description, or language of the text.  The following example demonstrates the workflow to customize text without uploading a PO file or a MO file. 

To change the Access Denied error message

  1. Go to the KMS/KAF admin page and navigate to the Languages module.
    i.e. https://<PID>
  2. Click on Add "Language Exception".
  3. Select a language you would like to apply this change to.
  4. msgid - Copy the exact text from the message, for example, Access Denied.

If you do not have the Access Denied error page available to edit, click Download text to download the zip file with all the texts for all languages for your instance. Select the relevant language PO file and open it with a text editor such as Notepad++ or Poedit.exe. Retrieve the relevant source text from the msgid field.

5. Exception - Enter the new text to replace the existing text, for example, Sorry, you do not have access to this page.
6. Save.

The resulting change in the message is displayed as follows:

Repeat the steps for each msgid text change respectively.
The following video demonstrates adding multiple language exceptions to the Access Denied error.    

To learn more, please refer to Customizing the Look and Feel of Your MediaSpace. The session data and button may be removed with the CSS.

---- CSS Sample to hide the session data and the button -----

.error-msg .sub_heading .bold {
display: none;

.error-msg .copy-wrap {
display: none;


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