Getting Started with the Kaltura Lecture Capture

Launch the Application

To launch the Kaltura Classroom Application
  • Click on the Kaltura Classroom Application icon on your Desktop.

The Kaltura Classroom Application Homepage is displayed.

Application Overview

Kaltura Lecture Capture has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without complex setup or a lengthy learning curve. The system can be deployed on any Windows computer, and record cameras and screen captures in Full HD (1080p). This easy setup, along with Kaltura’s full interoperability with any hardware system, allows schools and institutions to quickly get started and easily record classes in all classrooms, not just major auditoriums. 

Kaltura Classroom Application

The Kaltura Classroom Application includes the following:

  • Home Tab – Opens the homepage.
  • Scheduling Tab – Opens the agenda for scheduled events.
  • Info Tab – Lists the Kaltura Classroom Application information and version.
  • Settings Tab – Displays the Client Name selected for the recording. You can save your default configuration and upload application logs in the Settings tab.  For additional information see Setting the Resource Name for a Specific Install.
  • Plus Sign - use to add and configure additional input.
  • Pencil icon – Use to Edit Recording Information
  • Recording Button – Press to record.
  • Configuration Settings.
  • Sign In - Use to authenticate. (This feature is configured by your system administrator and is optional.)

That’s it. You can start recording.

Exiting the Kaltura Application

Important: If the Kaltura Classroom Application is not running in the background, scheduled recordings will not initiate.

To Exit the Kaltura Application
  1. In your Taskbar and Navigation Properties box, right click on the Kaltura Classroom Application icon.
  2. Select Quit to exit the application.
To hide or show the Kaltura Classroom Application
  • Right click on the Kaltura Application icon and select Show or Hide.

Hiding the application does not exit the application.

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