Creating Your Kaltura Interactive Video Project Structure

This article describes how to build your Interactive Video Path structure.

To build your Interactive Video project structure
  1. In the Composer, click and drag empty nodes onto the node map.
    It is helpful to name the nodes something meaningful as you place them on the node map. You can edit the node name by clicking on it. This will save you time as you get deeper into the project build.

  2. To create the paths of your video, hover over the right-hand side of each node and drag the arrow to the node or nodes it should connect to.
    You can connect the node to any other node on the node map, even itself! You can also create multiple connections from one node. Every path you create will automatically add a hotspot to the origin node that can be easily styled and positioned within the node editor.

  3. Show the Media library and drag media items onto the desired nodes.
  4. Double-click on a node to begin editing your hotspots. See Editing Hotspots.

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