Kaltura Personal Capture - Release Notes

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 3.2.22  July 9 2018 Details

Kaltura Personal Capture - July 2018 Release

Kaltura Personal Capture allows  every user to create content everywhere. With a simple, intuitive user interface, anyone to create quality content. Kaltura's robust platform allows you to manage your captured content and share it within your video portal or KAF based application. Kaltura personal capture is supported both on Windows and Mac.

Kaltura Personal Capture includes:


  • 1 screen, 1 camera, 1 audio input
  • Automatic slide capture
  • System audio support on Windows
  • Support for both windows and Mac
  • User and admin level install




Kaltura Personal Capture Application 


Kaltura MediaSpace





Known Issues




 When recording partial screen and capturing slides, the chapters that are created automatically will show the partial screen selection marked in red


 Issue can occur when recording system audio with CPU over 99&


 When recording two screen with "select area", when disconnecting one screen, the "select area" will move to the second screen


 On Mac 10.10 when clicking around the application, sometimes a grey line can appear


 When using audio from the connected camera on Mac version 10.10 and 10.11 there may be an issue with the recording if disconnecting the camera during the recording





 UI may seem broken on Windows 7 with 16bit color configuration


 Vertical screen orientation is not detected


Depending on the CPU and PC derivers, it may take up to 10 sec for the recording panel to show, though the recording will start before


When pausing and resuming a recording during slideshow mode, the latest slide may be captured twice


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