Share and Embed MediaSpace Playlists

This article describes how to work in the Share & Embed Playlists page in KMS.

To access the Share & Embed Playlists page

There are two ways to access the Share & Embed Playlists page - from the My Playlist page or from the Playlist Details page.

If you cannot share and embed playlists, ask your MediaSpace administrator to give you the required permission.

  • Access the My Playlists page, then click the Share & Embed icon under the desired playlist thumbnail.

The Share & Embed page displays.

Share Watch Link:

To share the watch link (i.e. the Playback page) for the playlist, either copy the link or click Email Link to launch your email application (Available on KMS only).

Embed Settings:

  • Choose Player - Choose the player in which to embed the media
  • Max Embed Size - Set the maximum size playlist to grab. This is set to responsive embed automatically.
  • Auto Play - Choose to start playing the first media in the playlist as soon as the page loads. This includes auto continuing to the next media once the first one is finished and so on. 

To copy the embed code, click Copy Embed.

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